Friday, June 16, 2006

Recommendations for the short and scrappy.

I love The Adventures of Polo almost as much as my kid. It's a wordless graphic novel-ish picture book for the preschool set that I heartily recommend. Chez Polo

If you're more in the mood for family tunes than illustrations you should get John Bregar's Stomp Yer Feet. Not only is he the father of one of the coolest kids I know, but the kid tunes he has made are a treat for ears big and small. He's performing a free show tomorrow afternoon at 4 in the U Village Land of Nod. You should see it.

On the adoption front... We went to Yakima last week to get fingerprinted and file our I600-A form because our social worker finally finished the homestudy from hell. Today I sent our dossier to get authenticated and I feel really good that we are progressing, even if we are just waiting. Woo hoo!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Good weekend.

We had big ideas about kayaking, shopping, and socializing this weekend but the kid still wasn't feeling up to his usual scrappy self. We stayed home and I baked bread, cooked, gardened, and read a good book (King Dork). Sam finished building a deck to go around the new pond and the kid played.

Today we'll landscape around the pond so it looks more natural and try to get Rick smogged. I was kind of worried about scheduling some surgeries around the hordes of company we will have this summer, but so far so good. Tonight, I write!

On a positive health note, I used to get fake migraines. I thoughthad migraines for years, until I read an article in the PCC mailer that a lot of migraines were misdiagnosed muscle problems. I had a knot in my shoulder that would flare up around the time I'd start aching, but it was a chicken and egg thing and I never looked at it as the little knot causing the monster pain. In a fit of wild hope I scheduled some physical therapy and through some new yoga moves, deep tissue massage and being more aware of how I position my body- VOILA!- the 3 day headaches that came every 10 days have turned into maybe 1 day headaches once a month if I get lazy and don't do the yoga. Now I have hardly any excuse for being an inert recluse. Feet, do your stuff!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dreams of Flying

of photos
that made me smile
by Jan Von Holleben.
(thanks, Swissmiss)

Are you lost?

I ran errands today. It's our first day out in a while due to a nasty flu. Taking care of a sick kid has fried my brain. Everywhere we went concerned citizens have been asking if I needed help, was I lost, etc. We came home and we made a a little button bouqet (thanks to the fabulous new blog Kiddley) Some colorful simple repitition is just what the doctor ordered.

What else? I found an old Volvo wagon of my very own. :) He shall be known as Rick the Brick. He shall be loved.

We are one step closer in the adoption process. We got word today that the pesky homestudy is officially done. After. Five. Months. All's well eh? Yakima, here we come!

My mother-in-law is coming over the pond with her mother and her mother's husband for a two week visit. They're renting a lovely house in Alki, but that doesn't mean I don't have to clean the basement.