Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wanna wager I'm wanting a wagon?

I have an overwhelming urge for an old, boxy, Volvo wagon. I can't explain it. I have wanted one since I was old enough to drive, but let myself get talked in to more reliable/sensible/cheaper to upkeep Hondas, Nissans, VWs, a Chrysler Le Baron convertible (!) and yes, a minivan. Now I want a wagon, an old one. I'll sell the mom mobile (that even the 3 year old is disgusted by) after I get my hands on my swedish tank. :)

We are in the process of adopting from Guatemala. I haven't been talking about it much because it's freaking me out and I've found that the people we have told are constantly asking for updates on our status that we are exasperated not to have. We started in January and should have been about midway through the process, but the state of Washington had other plans. The first active step is to have a homestudy while you accumulate a pile of official paperwork (your dossier) to send off to various government agencies. A homestudy usually takes a month or two and basically consists of a social worker interview and a state background check. You need the homestudy before you can start to file a slew of national documents that are needed before we can get a baby referral. So we started our homestudy in January and we're still waiting for the clearance from the state, so that we can ask for clearance from homeland security. It's been four months and I've been trying to be mellow, but the bueracracy is starting to freak me out. We still have a long road ahead, so I'm hoping that we're working out all our needless delay karma now in the beginning. I am ready. to. move. forward. now.
Time to quit stalling. I have a submission deadline and I should be making story revisions. Instead I've been blogging and searching for an A line skirt pattern that I can make with the amoeba like fabric I covet. Perhaps I just need to use some writing prompts ala McSweeney's.

Alright, time to show, not tell.


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