Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Periodicals less periodically.

I just got a "special offer" for a subscription from Seattle Magazine as a "preferred resident" of Seattle. What the hell does that mean? I've been embraced by (those that cater to) the high society of Seattle. I feel dirty, in a bulk rate sort of way.

I'm addicted to magazines, but not so much that I read Seattle Magazine. I do like the new Seattle Metropolitan magazine, though. It seems a tad more down to earth.

I was a little bummed when Organic Style was finito, but then Budget Living blew their budget and now Martha Stewart's Kids is no more. Where am I supossed to go for a fix of fluff on a glossy page? I thought the new Wondertime might be sappy, but it wasn't bad. If you need something lighter than Violet or Brain, Child (the best parenting rag hands down) but not as sanitized as Child, Parents or Parenting, there you go.

Can we get some more periodical print on creating and less on consuming? Just a thought.


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