Thursday, October 06, 2005

First a question: Can anyone tell me how long chile sauce lasts? Is it indefinitely good? I think the chile stops mold etc. from forming so it never looks rotten. I've had the same bottles for ages (read: years) and I'm usually kind of uptight about throwing stuff away before the bacteria colonizes...

I just read The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch. It's about a boy who explores the tide pools of south Puget Sound, his discoveries, and how he deals with them. It was really a fantastic read. It was well written, and it gave me new found respect for the sound.

This weekend we went to explore the Cascades. We drove to Burlington and then over to Diablo Lake and back stopping many times along the way to explore. It was a beautiful way to spend a day.
Jack said it smelled like "Old stinky trees." but I like that smell. He was just pissed because I told him there were marmets and then we didn't see any. Bad mama move #43256.

I'm very enamored with our little corner of the world right now. If you want to see more pictures of what we saw last Saturday click here.

Instructables is the most inspiring site I've come across in a while (thanks Not Martha!). Get off the computer and go make something! I need to be inspired. We started a tradition last year of a handmade gift for a family member. We exchange names. Last year I got my sister's partner Val and I made her a large, striped patterned felted messenger bag from soft Peruvian alpaca. I should have taken a picture because it was fucking unbelievable. That thing was such a monster I didn't knit again for months. Now I have a reputation for the best crafty present. I got my little brother this time and so far I'm at a loss. What do you make for a minimalist, gothic, 19 year old gay boy on a diet who lives in the woods?

I'm not sure either.


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