Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Snap judgements.

I'm planning on constructing an abstract sculpture out of copper pipes and bowling balls. I plan to put it in my front yard. I am taking advantage of our lack of a home owner's association. My neighbors can blame my previous neighbors. We kept getting cited by the city because our hedges weren't trimmed the right way. Now I'm rebelling. What fun is living in an artsy neighborhood if you can't be expressive?

Speaking of rebels....

We were riding the ferry back from Bremerton the other night and I saw a couple by the food area taking pictures with the camera I covet- the Canon Rebel.

I nudged the guy and said, "I bet you're having a lot of fun with that Rebel."

He looked confused and said, "Yea, we are havin' a guh-rate time."
I was walking away and the woman poked the man and said, "How'd she know we're from Mississippi?!?"

The guy says, "I dunno, I thought you were wearin' yer ol' rebel flag shirt, but ya aren't!"

I was about to turn around and correct the misperception when she said, "People in Seattle are startin' to cuh-reep me out." The man said, "Yeah."

I just continued on and let them be in awe of my Seattle voodoo. :)

*On another Seattle note... I'd seen the Half Price Books on 47th and Roosevelt, but always assumed it was just close out books, which depress the aspiring writer in me. They have a HUGE selection of used books. Huge.

There is also a great used and new bookstore for kids on 45th in Wallingford called Alphabet Soup. It's a fantastic little store with a great selection and a passionate staff. They are also definitely worth a visit.


Blogger LeFemmeMonkita said...

I love walking up to Alphabet Soup! They've got some great deals. Have you been to "All for Kids" on Blakely, across from Zoka? I haven't but heard good things!

3:39 PM  

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