Tuesday, September 06, 2005

If I was anywhere south of here having lunch....

I would be eating Mexican food like a fiend. Globalization has failed to bring authentic Mexican food to the emerald city. There are some okay places, but nothing authentic enough to knock our socks off. If I could change one thing about Seattle that would make it my Perfect Place to Live Forever (PPLF) it would be to add an abundance of great Mexican cuisine. Bring on some red sauce with kick and depth! Smother everything with green chile! Gimme! Gimme!

There are two seperate restaurants here that we've found that claim to serve Hatch green chile (this is to chile what Napa is to wine). We were so excited to try it out, but both times if it was Hatch it was cleverly disguised in the chef's own efforts at tasteless mediocrity. If they would just leave it alone and serve it as it is- it would be wonderful and the people would come.

I spent part of my growing up in New Mexico and the beginning of fall will forever make me nostalgic for the smell of roasting peppers. aaaahhhhh....

Alas, I actually far prefer Seattle to L.A. or Albuquerque. I just miss the chile! And sopapillas!

If they could just make the burritos longer, I would hold some hope. Burritos aren't supposed to be cubical, Seattle-ites! Maybe a formula of greater than or equal to 3 times the width could be a standard.

exhibit a:

Be careful out there.


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