Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Change of perspective

For about a week I've been in a little bit of a funk. I was mopey, lazy, apathetic, grouchy....for no apparent reason. I just had some funky blues and it was oozing out of my pores. Enter: this week. My kid is sick, I'm sore and self conscious from some minor (no, not cosmetic) face surgery, the weather sucks and my husband is STILL working on last months's deadline. So, I don't get to see him and I'm not getting a lot of help around the house. I'm self conscious about my stitches and my kid is contagious and to put it politely- PISSY. We've been pretty homebound. Now I'm just pissed at myself for wasting last week on a funk.

Well, if the little guy has less snot and attitude tomorrow WE ARE GOING OUT. If anybody is crass enough to ask about my face, instead of regaling them with a public service announcement about USING MORE SUNBLOCK I am going to tell them I was a victim of a cougar attack and if it wasn't for our trusted little five pounder Fireball pictured below (not her real name)

I would not have made it.

Stitches freak people out.
On some different notes......
Plan on making a website? For the love of god, use Moonfruit. They completely rock. When I think of the time and money I wasted with yahoo and tripod.... Well, let's just not think about it.
Moonfruit has a free 14 day trial, FANTASTIC building tools and easy add ons, free ad-supported hosting and non-ad sites starting at about $40 a year with payment plans. You don't have to pay up front for a year of mystery hosting. It doesn't get any easier, folks. They kick geocities ass. I am not a geek (despite my husband's best efforts) and I kicked out a multi-page website for our kid's new co-op in a couple of hours. And it rocks. I am moony for Moonfruit.
Also.... do you like to giggle? When the Best of Craigslist hasn't been updated for a while and you want to laugh the online version of McSweeney's has some damn good chuckle oppurtunities. Remember the Devil Went Down to Georgia?

My grandpa used to give me quarters for the jukebox when I visited him at the Moose Lodge and that is what I would play. I spent my summer vacation with Charlie Daniels and Shirley Temples.


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