Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Great stuff in Greenwood

I've been blog blocked. I'm going to try and get the ball rolling again by listing some good discoveries in Greenwood.

1) Greenwood Space Travel Supply coming soon to Greenwood and 85th. Apart from the space air, gravity detectors, peace treaties and towels- the site will also host and help support the newly opening 826Seattle. This is the newest chapter following the success of lovely and talented Dave Eggers' flagship 826 Valencia- a fantastic organizationt promoting literacy and writing skills for people 8-18. Stop by when they open- it will be a fantastic addition to the emerald city.

2) Gordita's on 85th, just past Greenwood. Vegetarian friendly cheap eats that are as good as any mexican food you'll find this far north. The kid's burrito is $2.50 and large enough to satiate your favorite 300 lb. 10 year old. It's a little dingy and loud, and the toys they have on hand for the little guys are past crusty but it's worth a stop.

3) Not a recent discovery, but very worth mentioning is Top Ten Toys a couple of blocks west on 85th. A HUGE selection of original and wonderful play things for anyone with any playfullness at all. They're great. My favorite is still Izilla Toys on Madison, but Top Ten is it's very cool big brother.

Are you going to Bumbershoot? You should. We are. Live music where little guys are welcome? Rock out.

Also on the calendar of upcoming events to entertain little guys and parents.... Dan Zanes, Ralph's World, & Stomp are all on the line up at the Paramount over the next few months along with some other kids' stuff. Go let the rhythm get you.


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