Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Funions and cigarettes were just the beginning....

A few great things

1. Seattle Public Library's website. I can search the entire catalog, and put holds on the books I want and they're delivered to my local, very tiny branch for pick up.

2. Aqua Verde Damn good tacos, decent drinks, and a view of the lake that keeps the kid happy while we enjoy our meal. If you're feeling active you can rent a kayak down below and zip over to the arbortetum.

3. Freeway Bloggers Get your radical liberal groove on and spread the word.

hung in St. Petersburg, FL

4. Banksy Criminal or Revolutionary? He sneaks his art into the Tate (among other prestigious art institutions) and graffitis the Palestinian wall.

5 & 6. Tom Robbins I'm rereading some of his books, since they're often partly based in Seattle. I forgot how great and far out he is. Elliot Bay is everything a bookstore should be- large, intimate, creaky wood floors, full of cozy alcoves, literate employees, a yummy cafe and a marvelous selection of over 150,000 both new and used books, mags, and zines.

7. Make magazine- a geekier version of Readymade chock full of great projects that appeals to both my video game programming husband and my crafty self. Make your own DVR, feed the cat with the unused vcr, or launch some potatoes. Go wild, geeky one!

8. Scarecrow Video-They're huge. The clerk says they have over 65,000 titles. The employees are, err, knowledgable and the selection is unmatched. Remember that documentary your neighbor made on his 8mm about his pet spaniel in 1985? yeah. They probably have it.

9. Picking your own fresh fruits and veggies.

10. Naps.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Great stuff in Greenwood

I've been blog blocked. I'm going to try and get the ball rolling again by listing some good discoveries in Greenwood.

1) Greenwood Space Travel Supply coming soon to Greenwood and 85th. Apart from the space air, gravity detectors, peace treaties and towels- the site will also host and help support the newly opening 826Seattle. This is the newest chapter following the success of lovely and talented Dave Eggers' flagship 826 Valencia- a fantastic organizationt promoting literacy and writing skills for people 8-18. Stop by when they open- it will be a fantastic addition to the emerald city.

2) Gordita's on 85th, just past Greenwood. Vegetarian friendly cheap eats that are as good as any mexican food you'll find this far north. The kid's burrito is $2.50 and large enough to satiate your favorite 300 lb. 10 year old. It's a little dingy and loud, and the toys they have on hand for the little guys are past crusty but it's worth a stop.

3) Not a recent discovery, but very worth mentioning is Top Ten Toys a couple of blocks west on 85th. A HUGE selection of original and wonderful play things for anyone with any playfullness at all. They're great. My favorite is still Izilla Toys on Madison, but Top Ten is it's very cool big brother.

Are you going to Bumbershoot? You should. We are. Live music where little guys are welcome? Rock out.

Also on the calendar of upcoming events to entertain little guys and parents.... Dan Zanes, Ralph's World, & Stomp are all on the line up at the Paramount over the next few months along with some other kids' stuff. Go let the rhythm get you.

Monday, August 01, 2005

More or less

I'd like to ________ more.
star gaze
be outgoing
be patient
eat pho
watch the dogs run
seize the moment
finish projects

I'd like to ________ less.
chicken out
bonk my head
pick dog fur off my clothes
zone out
crave pho
abandon ideas
hum "Copacabana"

A new leaf.

I'm turning over a new leaf. New blog, new town, new phase, new things. I've had a good 30 years, and I plan to have a fucking fantastic 60 or so years more. I am pursuing greeat ideas, things, places, people and times. In the words of my son, "Watch out! I'm off like a shot!"